“Mi gente”… my people. Legendary professor and education advocate George I. Sánchez dedicated his life to academically uplifting “mi/su gente”… “his community” and Latinx children.

Minnesota’s Unidos MN continues his important work, by harnessing the energy and optimism of a multigenerational coalition to advocate for brighter futures and greater alternatives for the Latinx community.

Formed as a local grassroots organization, but now gaining national influence and impact, Unidos MN is an immigrant-led collective of activists working to ensure racial, gender and economic equality for the Latinx diaspora.

In partnership with Education Minnesota, Unidos MN is changing the game of diversity in curriculum to reflect diversity in society. They’re pushing to require ethnic studies courses for all graduating Minneapolis Public School students.

Unidos MN wants the immigrant community to be recognized as contributors to American exceptionalism. They’re putting boots on the ground beyond the walls of the classroom to guarantee that the needs of Latinx youth are met holistically.

From campaigns to emphasize the importance of representation by participating in the U.S. Census, getting communities of color equal access to life saving resources during the COVID crisis, organizing online fundraisers for immigrant families in need, and creating forums so that LGBTQ+ youth are always included and never excluded from the conversation, Unidos MN is on the job 24/7.

Unidos MN has played a key role in lobbying for the “Dreamer Generation,” interacting with political leadership so that Latinx youth with potential to go far aren’t caught up in the labyrinth that is current immigration policy. What happens to a dream deferred? Thanks to the efforts of Unidos MN, future generations may never have to find out.

Perhaps most crucial, Unidos MN is encouraging young people to not be ashamed of, but embrace their migration stories, as symbols of perseverance against the odds. It’s the classic “American Dream” saga of overcoming adversity to make a better life for themselves, their parents, and generations beyond. Their #yodecido campaign states plainly that today’s youth will decide to share the narrative of the immigrant experience—within the community, and to the nation at large—to create tolerance and understanding.

Unidos MN… fighting the good fight for equality, pride, and “Power to Mi Gente.”

Visit Unidos MN online.

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