Author, activist, political trailblazer, and indomitable spirit, Stacey Abrams is the definition of leadership and social justice.

Embodying the enduring legacy of so many human and civil rights heroes of our time, Abrams refuses to give up our seat at the table of equality. Her work is a testament to leveling the playing field. The DeKalb County-raised Spelman College Magna Cum Laude alumna earned her law degree from Yale University, determined to utilize it for empowerment — and not just for her, but for her community.

After being elected and serving proudly for 11 years in the Georgia House of Representatives, in 2018 Abrams made history as the first African American woman to become The Peachtree State’s Democratic nominee for the governorship.

Her game-changing gubernatorial campaign garnered her more ballots than any other Democrat in Georgia history; but after a close defeat revealed electoral mismanagement and irregularities in the Secretary of State’s office, Abrams vowed to right the wrong… not for herself, but for the rights of voters to exercise their freedoms. While others might have given up, Abrams stepped up.

She launched the Fair Fight initiative the following year, working on the grassroots and statehouse level to make sure communities are not disenfranchised at the polling place. Regardless of her political aspirations, Abrams is a dedicated champion for young people, helping them to excel by creating organizations that promote career training and hiring diversity throughout the nation.

While others might have given up, Stacey Abrams stepped up.

And knowing full well the crucial meaning of “representation matters,” she’s a leading advocate for Fair Count 2020, a movement working diligently to ensure that this year’s Census is conducted and monitored accurately, so that everyone’s voice is heard.

A lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations who appears on more “politicians to watch” lists than one can count, Abrams refuses to rest on her considerable laurels. She continues to inspire future social, political, and entrepreneurial leaders with her New York Times bestseller “Minority Leader: How to Lead From The Outside and Make Real Change,” and is always on the frontlines of combating electoral inequity.

Stacey Abrams… steadfastly waging the “fair fight” for integrity and justice… for all.

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