Mary Hatwood Futrell increased national awareness of the Equal Rights Amendment during her presidency of ERAmerica. She also made NEA a leading champion of women’s rights during her three terms as NEA president. During her presidency of Education International and deanship at George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development, she also advanced the cause of women’s rights.

NEA presents the Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Civil Rights Award to a nominee whose activities in women’s rights significantly impact education and the achievement of equal opportunity for women and girls. To be eligible for this award, the nominee must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Promote equitable educational opportunities for women and girls.
  • Improve the economic, occupational and health status of women members.
  • Develop programs that strengthen women’s role in the making of educational policy.
  • Develop programs that help women of various cultures form coalitions and share resources.
  • Promote public policy designed to eliminate sex-role stereotyping and/or inequities in education and in other sectors of the economy.
  • Champion policies and/or legislation that defends, fosters, and ensures, women’s rights.

Awarded in odd- and even-numbered years.

2020 HCR Awards Honorees