Thanks for your interest in nominating a worthy person or organization for an NEA Human and Civil Rights Award. Here’s what you need to know about the process.

The NEA…

  1. Accepts nominations without regard to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.
  2. Reserves the right to present no award or to select a nominee other than the person or organization nominated for an award.
  3. Presents awards to nominees as selected by the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards Committee and approved by the NEA Executive Committee.


  1. May be individuals, schools, NEA affiliates, or organizations working in the area of human and civil rights.
  2. Must be NEA members, if eligible for membership. To facilitate verification, please include membership ID number or last four digits of social security number.
  3. Must have engaged in human and civil rights activities that have community-wide impact.
  4. Must not have performed the activities that meet the awards criteria as part of compensated Association staff responsibilities, unless award category indicates differently.


  1. Must be an NEA member, affiliate, or caucus.
  2. Must make each nomination for a specific award category.
  3. Must submit a separate nomination application form for each nominee or nominating award category.


All nomination materials, including supporting documents, must be submitted online at Please email with questions or if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

Deadline for 2021 Nominations

Nomination applications for the 2021 NEA Human Civil Rights Awards will be available October 9th 2020. Completed submissions must be received electronically on or before December 4, 2020. Nominate and Submit online at

Have someone in mind to nominate? You can begin preparing your nomination application now. Please visit to gain access to the Nomination Form and HCR Awards brochure which contains all of the information you need to prepare your nomination.

Awards Chronology

October 2020: Nomination forms available on-line at or email for directions.

December 4, 2020: Deadline for submission of nomination forms to NEA Human and Civil Rights.

February 2021: Selection of awardees by the NEA Executive Committee, based on recommendations by the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards Committee.

March 2021: Notification to award winners and unselected candidates.

April 2021: Announcement of the availability of tickets for the annual HCR Awards. (Tickets usually sell out by the end of May.)

July 2021: Annual NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards prior to the NEA Representative Assembly.

2020 HCR Awards Honorees