Nominations are evaluated by a committee made up of NEA members, under the guidance of the NEA Executive Committee. The 2021 HCR Awards Committee thanks all NEA members who nominated a candidate for this year’s awards!

Rudolph Burruss
Rudolph Burruss
Tracy Hartman Bradley
Tracy Hartman-Bradley
Serena Kotch
Serena Kotch
New York
Ruth Luevand
Ruth Luevand
Duff Martin
Ronald "Duff" Martin
Cecily Myart Cruz
Cecily Myart-Cruz
Lindsay Peifer
Lindsay Peifer
Sobia Sheikh
Sobia Sheikh
Angela Stweart
Angela Stewart
Kenneth Tang
Ken Tang
Marilyn Warner
Marilyn Warner

Additional Committee Members (Not Shown)
Jennifer Scurlock (Chair), Oregon
Reed Bretz, Michigan
Terry Burlingame, New Hampshire
Michael Harman, Utah
Robbie Kreitz, California
Anita Lang, Federal
Marsha Mackey, Michigan
Gladys Marquez, Illinois

NEA Executive Committee

Rebecca S. Pringle, President
Princess R. Moss, Vice President
Noel Candelaria, Secretary-Treasurer
Eric R. Brown, Illinois
Mark Jewell, North Carolina
Shelly Moore Krajacic, Wisconsin
Robert Rodriguez, California
Christine Sampson-Clark, New Jersey
George Sheridan, California
Hanna Vandeering, Oregon

NEA Executive Director – Kim Anderson
NEA Center for Social Justice Senior Director – Rocío Inclán
NEA Human and Civil Rights Director – Harry Lawson, Jr.

NEA Human and Civil Rights Staff

Harry Lawson Jr., Director
Alexandria Richardson, Manager
Shannon Nephew

NEA Media Production Group

Stephen Chavers, Associate Director
Christine Cosenze, Darrius Green, Kate Hilts, Jessalyn Kiesa, Tim Reed

NEA Public Relations

Miguel Gonzales


DJ Spinderella
The String Queens
East of the River Steel Band

2021 HCR Awards Honorees